Magical Income

We act as investors for more than 200 companies. Both new and proven in small, medium and large businesses in Russia and abroad.

  • High interest rates on deposits.
  • Passive income effortless.
  • Income without investments in the affiliate program.
  • Investing in real business on the ground.

Magical Income offers earnings on investments with personal investments and without. The company's revenues have been growing since the beginning of the year. We share our success with our investors.

Protection of investments

Accelerate and secure your website with Cloudflare. CDN and WAF. Professional protection.

Encrypts web traffic to prevent data theft and other manipulation.

Advanced protection of 0t DDoS attacks. Prevention of unauthorized attacks for the constant availability of the site.

Tourist business

Currently, the tourist business has ceased to be seasonal, all year round millions of people use the services of travel agencies.

Restaurant business

The most stable type of investment, bringing a stable income, which is constantly increasing from year to year.

Investments in Start-ups

this is a Rather risky type of investment. With a grammatical approach to the analysis of business projects brings great income.

Search for new

We are open to new! Managers of the company are constantly searching for new sources of income from investments.